chris lord alge 0

Chris Lord Alge: Becoming A Successful Audio Engineer

If you’ve ever heard something called the radio before, there is an excellent chance many of those sounds you’re hearing have been manipulated by Grammy-winning

February 19, 2014 Mixing Tips
dr luke 0

Dr Luke Shares His Music Production Tips & Tricks

I can barely go one day without stumbling across another piece of YouTube gold but this one is off the charts. Dr Luke is one

February 07, 2014 Music Production
building a home studio 0

3 Decisions To Make Before Building A Home Studio

Building a home studio is the most logical first step towards producing your own music, especially with the proliferation of affordable digital recording gear. It

February 03, 2014 Recording
submix 0

Creating A Submix In Logic Pro

Routing tracks to a bus (aka creating a submix) is a great way to control multiple tracks with a single fader. This speeds up the

January 27, 2014 Mixing Tips
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